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musem connections parigi


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Museum Connections  will be our next exhibit within the Centurybox Group.
The event will take place in Paris the 17th and the 18th of January in Paris, our booth will be the C21.

We will be more than happy to welcome any of you!


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We have the pleasure to inform you that we will participate to the MAPIC event as  CENTURYBOX GROUP in CANNES, from the 15th to the 17th of November, with our partners Cartotecnica Moderna e Grafiche Trotta.

For those who will be in the area our boot is P1 F8!

umbria business matching

We will be at Umbria Business Matching 2017

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CM Lovepack will participate in the second edition of Umbria Business Matching which will take place in Bastia Umbra on 9th November.
The spirit of sharing and reciprocal knowledge within a local economic-entrepreneurial network, coupled with the chance to develop synergies strongly supported and implemented by CM Lovepack, through events such as Prototypo Group, in collaboration with Grafiche Paciotti.

Last year’s extremely positive edition enabled the Group to start developing projects for numerous local companies and lay the foundations for interesting and fruitful relations.

progetto kapasity Filippo Protasoni

KAPASITY and NABA students together for a Fashion Design ecommerce project

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The uniqueness and originality of products (made from washable paper, cardboard and fabric) have inspired the Milanese designer Filippo Protasoni, who has previously collaborated with CM Lovepack and Grafiche Paciotti, professor at NABA (Nuova Accademia dell Belle Arti).

The designer’s idea was to examine Kapacity, by involving his third year students who must design, develop and build a few of their own products.

Early in October CM Lovepack and Grafiche Paciotti held two project presentation lessons, providing students with instructions on how to proceed with works. While there is no doubt that all entries will be excellent, only the best projects will be transformed into reality: students hosted at companies will learn how to build a product prototype and will see their creations go on sale online.

salon du chocolat paris


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We have the pleasure to inform you that we will participate to the “Salon du Chocolate” event as  CENTURYBOX GROUP in Paris, from the 28th of October to the 1st November, with our partners Cartotecnica Moderna e Grafiche Trotta.

With more than 500 participating companies representing 60 nations, the fair can be considered one of the world’s leading events in the industry, during which we will have the opportunity to get in touch with the most important players in the world and … to taste a lot of  chocolate!

Per chi sarà in zona, il nostro stand è il numero 32!

Mostro Graphic Design Camp Milan

We are Official Partners of the Graphic Design Camp “MOSTRO”!

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Through Protò-typo Group (the brand created by us with Modern Cartotecnica – CM Lovepack) and thanks to the collaboration with Arjowiggins – Creative Cards Division – we will be among the partners of the Graphic Arts and Visual Arts Camp “MOSTRO”, a graphic and design event which will be held in Milan from 6 to 12 October in the second edition of Brera Design Days at the Formentini Laboratory.

The Festival aims to tell – through exhibitions, talks and workshops – the world of Graphic Design today.

Protò-typo Group has been involved in the printing of all communication materials: invitations, printers, posters and postcards and will have a corner at the Formentini Laboratory.


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The Centurybox Group partnership

One of the meetings that led to the partnership


Being strongly convinced that working together with other companies creates synergies, values and growth, an important part of our strategy has always been the creation of partnerships; we are today happy, honored and proud to announce that the biggest accomplishment of this effort has just brought to the birth of the CENTURYBOX GROUP.
The group includes the Belgian company CENTURYBOX that has considerably expanded its market by extending it from Belgium to Europe, Asia and, more recently, North America, our “neighbors” CARTOTECNICA MODERNA and GRAFICHE TROTTA PERUGIA and the Hungarian company EKONOBAG.
The brand new industrial group will be focused on the conception, production and marketing of luxurious cardboard boxes and other innovative packaging.

Packaging Première

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Packaging Première

Packaging Première is “the selective exhibition dedicated to designers and manufacturers of luxury packaging as well as to major international brands entrusting the safekeeping of their products to containers bearing the tangible, unmistakable mark of luxury all over the world.

The world of luxury is visionary and needs to be ahead of its time, of seasons and tastes. Packaging Première showcases novelties previews, provides room for experimentation and innovation, helps managers understand trends and speeds up decision time to enable companies to get to the market first.

Protecting and speaking of luxury packaging is a world to itself. Dominated by brands’ strong personality, packaging expresses itself in evocative, original, surprising shapes and relies on a production chain that is designed to pursue excellence from the processing of raw materials to the finished product.

Packaging Première is the stage enhancing the entire industry.”


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From the 16th to to 18th of May will take place in Milan the first edition of “Packaging Prèmiere”, an event dedicated to luxury goods packaging. For us of Proto~typo Group (the brand born as  the partnership between us and CM Cartotecnica Moderna) it is a great chance to communicate ideas, projects and solutions related to the luxury packaging.

Proto-typo Group has decided to surprise and present itself with an image out of the traditional patterns and to reach this goal has chosen Milanese designer Filippo Protasoni to imagine its exhibition space at Packaging Prèmiere.

Stand B54 tells “an environment entirely made of paper, where the natural folding attitude of the paper and three-dimensionality could be married to the chromatic effects of the printing. A single packaging that is a module first, then a surface and finally space,” as described by its designer.

Vi aspettiamo allo Stand B54

Sponsor of the event: Arjowiggins Creative Papers which supplied the paper used in the creation, and Dulcinea Perugia which has made available its own original praline line.