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The Centurybox Group partnership

One of the meetings that led to the partnership


Being strongly convinced that working together with other companies creates synergies, values and growth, an important part of our strategy has always been the creation of partnerships; we are today happy, honored and proud to announce that the biggest accomplishment of this effort has just brought to the birth of the CENTURYBOX GROUP.
The group includes the Belgian company CENTURYBOX that has considerably expanded its market by extending it from Belgium to Europe, Asia and, more recently, North America, our “neighbors” CARTOTECNICA MODERNA and GRAFICHE TROTTA PERUGIA and the Hungarian company EKONOBAG.
The brand new industrial group will be focused on the conception, production and marketing of luxurious cardboard boxes and other innovative packaging.

Waterless Drydots Printing

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The acquisition of Dry Dots printing technology is for us a further big step in the company’s mission that inspired our choices in recent years, in particular:

  •  Significant Printing quality improvement
  • Respect for the environment

Waterless Drydots for printing quality

The inking of the printing surface is incredibly precise and outlines well-defined contours.

  • The process allows to increase considerably the number of distinct points obtained in the unit of surface, producing  prints with higher definition
  • Skipping the wetting of the inks, the system maintains consistent color quality from the first to the last sheet.
  • The paper does not warp, giving minor setting  problems and better prints on uncoated papers.
Differenza del retino tra stampa offset tradizionale e stampa drydots

Waterless for the environment

The elimination of fount solution makes printing Drydots® a chemical-free process.
In the traditional printing process, the isopropyl alcohol that is used contributes to the formation of ozone at ground level and to the destruction of the ozonosphere.

GMG ColorProof – The best solution for printing tests

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Our research of tools that enable us to achieve excellence, has led us to GMG ColorProof.

Thanks to this innovative tool we can now deliver extremely accurate printing tests .
At numerous comparison tests with competing products worldwide, the GMG ColorProof solution has received the best grades without exception and has proved the best professional solution on the market for proofing.

GMG ColorProof uses GMG ColorEngine modules, ProfileEditor GMG with SpotColor-Editor and RipServer GMG and the output modules for various output devices. The core of the system is the original “4-D Color Transformation Engine”, which ensures the best possible quality for contract proofing on different output devices.
To calibrate the system, all standard color charts are measured with an in-line spectrophotometer. independent color profiles are stored on the device, to a certain family of printers. Along with high-level linearization devices, this makes the system particularly suitable for “remote proofing” applications and allows us to realize certified proofing.


GMG Color, color becomes Science

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We continuously improve the process leading to quality printing on the most different paper media with unique features, with the aim of making the colors corresponding to the creative demands of the customer. This is why we have added the GMG process to color management, from the draft to the press, through prepress.

With GMG ColorServer we load all the source file information for the press and we make them uniform, to obtain results indipendent from the chosen printing method. Fully automatically RGB, CMYK, and mixed addresses turn into one color standard by separation, Reseparation or color conversion. No matter what is the printing method used, thanks to color conversions the result will be the same.

GMG InkOptimizer ultimately helps us to add and calibrate the right ink quantity to obtain the desired effect, reducing waste and giving colors visually unchanged, improving contrast and image definition in the shadows. also speeds up the printing process and the delivery times.

GMG is a highly professional tool for color management:

  • Provides customers with a consistent treatment of their files and allows customization of management according to specific needs (type of paper, type of images etc)
  • It ensures systematic monitoring of the files in order to be certain that they meet the specifications of the most common printing standards
  • It is the ultimate color management technology that improves the quality of the images and allow to obtain results that go well beyond the standard

Our printing workflow was further enhanced and we now  offer your company the printing technology used by the most important brands in the world, the ones that really care about their image.


Printing services FSC® certified

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Siamo da sempre attenti al rispetto dell’ambiente e alla riduzione degli sprechi, e abbiamo compiuto un importante passo in questa direzione ottenendo la certificazione FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) a garanzia di un processo di stampa corretto, trasparente e in piena sintonia con la gestione responsabile delle foreste da cui proviene la carta che utilizziamo, anche riciclata.

We have always been respectful for  the environment and always been trying to reduce waste, and we have taken an important step in this direction obtaining the FSC certification (Forest Stewardship Council) to ensure a ethic printing, that states that we are fully compliant with the indications on a responsible  forests management. We also make use of recycled paper wherever we can.

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