The PRISMA (PRInt SMArt) project  is the natural evolution of our corporate mission, in which the interest in developments in the market, with the aim of anticipating solutions that can facilitate business communication, led to the decision to invest in advanced technologies. A new frontier to open endless possibilities to our customers, who do not forget, however, its artisan roots, in which, therefore, the technology is a way human creativity can substantiate.  Paraphrasing the automotive sector we could say that the technological evolution has led to the creation of ever more efficient automatic transmissions,

that allow millions and millions of drivers to travel in cities and highways with the maximum comfort, but when it comes to competition cars, when you have to get the maximum performance, it is always the driver to decide when to shift gears, because he knows every detail of the track and knows how to act in response to the actions of other drivers. Similarly, we are equipped with facilities and state of the art printing software, that let you work from “automatic transmission”, with the best results for both economy and delivery times, but “guided” by the professionalism of our employees, protagonists in ‘interpretation of customer choices, the selection of raw materials

Quality in offset printing


We aim then to a very high print quality, where standards of excellence are a starting point and not a goal to reach.
Print quality therefore means: print with the ideal profile on the most suitable support, getting the shades, the desired saturation and brightness.
Our eye can see well over 500,000 different shades (commonly referred to as colors) that are associated with parameters like saturation and brightness greatly influenced by the media on which it was decided to print: a coated paper will tend to highlight brightness and vibrancy, while on a more absorbent you get the opposite.
The ISO standards normally used in offset printing offer 40% less shades , this means that two different colors, sufficiently similar, if printed with the ISO standard will result as a single color.
Through the settings with our color profiles we can have a range of shades approaching 500,000, allowing us  to get brighter colors, sharper details, deeper images.

Offset printing profiles


The creation of new printing profiles is an ongoing activity, in which we invest time and resources, in order to find the optimum solution for any type of press.
through our profiles wer can:
– Print with greater definition, brilliance and depth
– Ensure the same colors on different media
– Guarantee a perfectly repeatable results over time

Check the difference!

We could write pages and pages about our project and not being able to communicate the passion, technology and commitment that constantly animate, so we prefer to illustrate it by the results that it is able to generate.

Stampa offset alta qualità profilo stampa profilo iso

Offset Printig standard ISO

Stampa offset alta qualità profilo stampa evoluto

Offset printing PRISMA-ONE

The  Dry Dots technology, even more quality and environmentally friendly printing

The acquisition of the Waterless DRYDOTS technology represented a further important step in the context of the PRISMA project

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