Research, innovation and craftmanship in printing

We are now able to offer advanced services also in modern publishing, particularly in the printing of books on art, photography and luxury packaging. Through our advanced know-how, we can combine the most advanced industrial technologies to the excellence of quality craftsmanship tradition. Each project is the result of a masterly work, performed in a workmanlike manner, which gives it a unique character to each work. Research and innovation animate our PROJECT PRISMA in which technical printing experience that allow you to overcome common market standards.

Balance between innovation and craftsmanship. From prepress to the packaging, the technology is at the service of the human resources  that reinvent, transform, and make every single project unique. Each product has a guarantee of exclusivity and is the result of the experience of each of our employees and of the most advanced technical equipment.

Quality Control

Employees of the quality control team follow all the processing steps, to make this even more absolute when printed, we use densitometer Heidelberg Image Control technologies, which enable the control and automatic correction of values up to the required perfection.

With GMG Color Server we load all the source file information for the press and we make them uniform, to obtain  results independent from the chosen printing method. Fully automatically RGB, CMYK, and mixed turn into one color standard by separation, Reseparation or color conversion. No matter what is the printing method used, thanks to color conversions the result will be the same.


An analysis and evaluation through the experience of our employees enable us to turn out dedicated projects. In fact, the adherence to consolidated industrial standards may be just an initial step that can be expanded and  modulated on the basis of the customer’s requests. Continuing research has led us to develop proprietary color profiles, which give the printed product a definition never seen before on any kind of material. We produce prepress setups for any kind of printing, offering certified proofs on matte, glossy, and uncoated woodfree papers.


Offset Printing

Equipped with Heidelberg printing technology with up to 5 colors, combined with all types of finishes, coatings hydro in line with the possibility of drip-off, UV lamination, lamination and screen printing, Hot stamping and dry relief, we produce high-quality prints .



Digital Printing

Our priority is quality, therefore, the selection of dedicated machines is intended to maintain the high definition also in producing a single copy. We are also able to print any format, also of large size, and on any material and thickness.



From die-cutting to the crease for packaging, binding and stitching of catalogs, brochures, calendars, the whole process is followed from the inside, while maintaining high levels of craftsmanship to the end value.

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